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Updated: Feb 4

Hello, my name is Mitchell Koppers. I would like to start this blog off by introducing myself a little bit, as well as why i started M.A.K Glass.

As a #marijuana user myself, I was sick of going place to place just trying to find the best deal, on a good piece of glass. Only to find in the end, I had over payed on an item or that I had bought a product from a company that just does not care at all.

I began to think.. why isn't there just one company, that does not #lie to its customers to earn a quick buck or #standbehind all the products they sell. Its insane how most head shop's & smoke shop's do not offer a #warranty on their devices, yet your friendly neighbourhood #dope dealer will refund you on poor quality #bud.

I started M.A.K Glass about 4-6 weeks ago. With a piece of paper, an idea, and a loving #wife that was willing to stand by me, plus deal with our 2 little boys. All while i try and launch a #business. It has not been easy especially because neither of us have ever done anything like this before (I had barely used Instagram and Facebook).

I want M.A.K Glass to be a one-stop-shop for all things you need to smoke that lovely herb. With NO hassles, NO lie's, NO hidden fees and bull shit. Just one pot smoker to another trying to ensure everyone is having the most enjoyable experience they can.

And YOU actually get sold on the item YOU need/ want. Not what makes that owner the most money that day. Yes we all need money, but trust is a huge thing to me. I work hard for my money as i'm sure all of you do, and I like knowing my money is going to someone i can trust in the future with all of my purchases.

We are fully licensed in Canada with a business license. On new years eve we were pleasantly informed that we were approved by RGR Canada to sell their products. This to us was a MASSIVE opportunity. Why you may ask? Well in my teenage days, #famousbrandz was a HUGE deal. Everyone wanted that piece of glass, or that shirt with their logo on in and honestly they are one of my favourite company's.

With us being able to sell Famous Brandz products, that meant we were now able to sell products from iconic stoner movies like, #cheechandchong, #thetrailerparkboys & #jayandsilentbob. Being a huge fan of all these movies/ shows (Jay & Silent Bob: Strike Back is probably my favourite stoner movie, Of.. All.. Time) this was big deal.

M.A.K Glass provides the best customer service because lets face it without you, we wouldn't be here. We offer 14 day #returns on our products as well as a device #protection plan. Ya that's right at M.A.K Glass you can protect your #bong like your cell phone!

We know all of the products we sell are high quality and will stand behind them 100%.

M.A.K Glass is a drop shipping company with some in house packaged products.

(all bundles & subscription boxes are assembled by us at M.A.K Glass)

This is how we are able to offer such amazing prices on such high quality products. Drop shipping simply means our supplier is the one who packages & ships your order. This gives us faster shipping times and lower cost on all the products you love.

Even though we are a drop shipping company, YOU are our number one priority. We will not stop until your order has been fulfilled & you are completely satisfied.

We do have plans to open a brick and mortar store in the future, but all company's must start somewhere.

M.A.K Glass offers a wide range of high quality products from brands like:

Famous Brandz, #Atomikglass, #Vodkaglass, #evolutionglass, #dopezilla #puffpuffpass, #RAW, #OCB,#JuicyJays, #infyniti & so much more!

We are registered with a number of wholesale suppliers. Please DO NOT hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, concerns or need any help finding a specific item. We will respond ASAP and assist in every way we can.

You can contact us ANYTIME on our website using the on site chat, our Contact Us form,

or via email:

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Now lets start building this community!

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