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M.A.K Glass is the #1 online smoke shop in Canada providing you with premium products with fast shipping, affordable prices & exceptional customer service. 

All epoxy creations by M.A.K Glass are handmade in Canada using non-toxic epoxy resin and hand packaged by us at M.A.K Glass. This is to ensure complete safety & satisfaction while you enjoy our handmade products.


Our premium smoke shop supplies are drop shipped from our suppliers warehouse in Calgary, Alberta & Toronto, Ontario.


Drop shipping our smoke shop supplies allows us to provide you with the BEST price possible and an ever growing list of products. 

Please feel free to contact us via Email or on site chat with ANY questions or concerns you may have.

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Mitch. K (Owner)

M.A.K Glass

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All custom epoxy creations by M.A.K Glass are made & designed

in Canada!


Handmade &

hand packaged by

M.A.K Glass

to ensure complete customer satisfaction!


Non- toxic epoxy resin is used in our creations to ensure our products are safe for you to use!

high quality

Premium products

are used in our custom epoxy creations to make

top quality products

every time!